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Organising teams and tasks is now simple with immediate results. You can effortlessly track the flow of your team and centralise all documents, records and reports. Simply create your own Sharpflow and get started right now with our free 60-day trial.

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Ways to use Sharpflow

To optimise your workload, teams and time

  • Control and project management

    Track projects, tasks, time spent and budgeted vs real costs.

  • ISO Certifications

    Supports the quality management system and production control in all phases of projects.

  • Customer support

    Solutions for call centers, help desk ou other departments that provide customer support to clients, associates and others.

  • Human Resources and Recruiting

    Track candidates and easily see them progress through the hiring process. From interviewing to onboarding, track HR and recruiting workflows.

  • Students

    From the library to the lab, use Sharpflow to track all of your activities and homework.

Main Features

Private online service managed by your organisation

Effectively manage and monitor unlimited client projects

Track all the phases of a project and keep detailed records

Build and maintain custom workflows

Register and track issues

Easily create users and define specific roles

Access to a wide range of reports

Real-time activity log

Built in email client to organise projects

Maintain organised priority task lists and delegate each task among your team

Create and design quality questionnaires and send to clients

Manage the Calendar of your projects and collaborators, scheduling events among your customers and employees.

App Store

Services and more tools to make your Sharpflow even better.


Make DropBox your main repository to keep all documents and files created in your Sharpflow.

Google Docs

Manage, organise and edit Google Docs with your team Google Docs directly from Sharpflow.

Google Sheets

Manage, organise and Google Sheets with your team directly from Sharpflow.

Google Presentations

Manage, organise and edit Google Presentations with your team directly from Sharpflow.

Microsoft Office 365

Manage, organise and Office 365 documents with your team directly from Sharpflow.


Post company updates and allow users to link their professional data with the LinkedIn social network.

Google Drive

Make Google drive your main repository to keep all documents and files created in your Sharpflow.

Microsoft OneDrive

Make OneDrive your main repository to keep all documents and files created in your Sharpflow.

Artificial Intelligence by IBM Watson

Automatically analyses incoming emails and replies using customised severity levels.


Integrate your Sharpflow with this billing software.

GatewayAPI SMS

Receive alerts or make use of two factor authentication by SMS with this add-on.


Post on your company page and enable your collaborators to post and share on Facebook.

Get your work done on-the-go

Whether you need to delegate that idea, follow up work to a coworker or reply to a client email on-the-go the Sharpflow app is there ready for you wherever you are.